FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

 10/09/2020 01:05  Đăng bởi: admin


  • Who is getting the benefit of these services? 

  • The business owner (Restaurant, Bar, Nail, Hair, Tattoo salon…) 

  • What are Gem24h provide to the businesses?

  • We provide ‘e-Form’ and ‘e-Menu’ services. 

  • What are the details of these services? 

  1. e-Form is an electrical form that you can use to fill out and submit information directly on a smartphone of the customers. Forms will be sent to our secured server and to your phone (or to your email). For example: ‘Consent Form Covid-19’ is one of the e-Form that we offer. Using our e-Form, you get rip of the traditional forms with ink & paper and save money. 

  2. More useful and convenient than e-Form,  e-Menu is our modern solution for businesses’ daily activities without ink & paper, and even without a waiter. The e-Menu displays list of items, prices, details of the ingredients, and/or a clip/video of making the items/products on customers’ smartphone - WITHOUT Apps. 

  • I’m a business owner. What is the benefit when I use these products from Gem24h? 

  1. Lower your expenses: save and secure electrically all forms (Consent Form) in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic without costing ink & paper, and paper menu. Saving on the payroll.  

  2. Advertising your business or products with the video clip directly on customers’ smartphones without apps. 

  3. Provide high technology lifestyle to adapt to the millennial world. 

  4. Help business owners save time on accounting activities. 

  5. Easily changeable items, prices, and details of your menu at your fingertips.